Preparing For Disasters


Kenneth knew living in Florida he was likely to experience a hurricane sometime in the near future. The Area Agency on Aging was able to offer him everything he needed to make a game plan before the storm hit.

Know Your Evacuation Zones

Evacuation Zones and Shelter Locations for Pinellas County

Helpful Links

Find the Pinellas County Hurricane Preparedness Guide:

Sign Up for Alert Pinellas, the free emergency notification system.

Find out details about special needs shelters – you must pre-register!

Pinellas and Pasco County, like other counties in Florida, are required to voluntarily register people who need evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency such as a hurricane. In an evacuation, appropriate vehicles will be sent to transport pre-registered residents to a public shelter, Special Needs Unit, or hospital. Transportation will not be provided to private destinations such as a relative’s home.**

Make sure you explain your special needs clearly when registering, since dialysis, respirators, etc. may require very special accommodations while oxygen may be offered at several Special Needs Shelters. If your special needs require that you go to a hospital, consult with your physician about the need for a signed letter from him/her authorizing pre-admission. When you arrive at the hospital, staff will contact your physician for admission authorization.

NOTE: Medicare will only pay for hospitalization claims that are deemed medically necessary and therefore arrangements must be made in advance.

How To Register

Pet friendly shelters are available in both Pinellas (requires advance registration) and Pasco (no advance registration required). For more information:

Pinellas, call 727-582-2150
Pasco, call 727 834-3216

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