Take Time for Yourself


Even though she has spent her career as a nurse and understands the medical side of caregiving, Judy has had a hard time dealing with the added burden that comes with a full time job and caring for a loved one. Thankfully, after reaching out to the AAAPP Judy was able to find some free community resources that have given her opportunities to rest, and take a little time for herself each week so that she can better care for her loved ones.

It is extremely important for caregivers to have access to opportunities to rest and recharge. Find a variety of local resources below that can help you.

AAAPP provides several programs focused on supporting caregivers of older adults with opportunities for respite as well as wrap around care coordination and support. Availability is limited and based on severity of situation. If you are interested in being placed on the waitlist for AAAPP programs that assist caregivers, please call the Helpline at 1-800-963-5337 and (out of area callers 727-217-8111).

Alzheimer’s Family Organization Caregiver Learning Days

You can find available resources and support group through the Children’s Home Network Kinship Services program

Are you looking for information on caregiving basics and where to start?

Check out the Learn About Caregiving page.

Are you looking for information on available supports to help you deal with the mental & emotional impacts of caregiving?

Check out the Staying Healthy Mentally & Emotionally page.

Do you have another need that you haven’t found on this site?
Don’t hesitate – call the Helpline today.

We can provide with information about the available resources in our community.