Mission, Vision And Strategic Plan


The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas is a non-profit organization that has been serving seniors and individuals with disabilities in our community since 1974. We serve as the Aging and Disability Resource Center for the entire two county area, providing an initial entry point for all aging and disability social services and coordinating a network of partners and providers to better meet the needs of our aging population.


The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco – Pinellas is a trusted resource to advocate, educate and empower seniors, adults with disabilities and caregivers which promotes independence, in partnership with the community.


Our community will provide seniors, adults with disabilities and caregivers with the resources and services needed to maintain independence, promote healthy aging and live an optimal quality of life.

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AAAPP 2018 - 2021 Strategic Plan

Board Goal #1: Address Unmet Needs & AAAPP’s Waitlist

Create a proactive comprehensive community-wide plan to address the current and future needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers.

Conduct a professional community wide needs assessment survey.

AAAPP convenes and serves as lead agency to build a community wide coalition to address priority needs; bringing people, agencies and businesses together to establish common goals and commit resources to improve outcomes for seniors/persons with disabilities.

Increase the use of volunteers and interns to meet unmet needs.

Reduce the number of persons on the waitlist.

Board Goal #2: Increase Funding

Ensure that AAAPP can meet growing community needs and achieve its purpose by obtaining increased, diversified, sustainable, unrestricted funding for priority goals.

Increase funding from foundations.

Increase funding from for-profit entities.

Explore what it will take to establish AAAPP as a taxing authority.

Improve planned gift solicitation efforts.

Board Goal #3: Expand Awareness and Advocacy Efforts

Increase awareness/understanding re: aging issues targeted to populations who can either: 1) use services or 2) enhance/expand the services available in our community.

Create a standing Board Committee to oversee and implement awareness and advocacy initiatives.

Develop simple standardized messages and training to ensure compelling and consistent messaging.

Establish & nurture relationships with Legislators so that they understand needs, issues and support solutions.

Identify target audiences that have access to our client population and select the appropriate distribution channels for each segment of our target population.

Board Goal #4: Expand, Diversify and Stabilize Community Partnerships

Enhance/expand the resources available in our community to address the issues of seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers.

Explore expanding services to seniors through Medicaid Managed Care Long Term Program (MCO).

Expand participation in Evidence Based Prevention Programs/Service Delivery Model to help increase community resources focused on solving problems that face the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Identify/expand partnerships to include nontraditional partners that can help increase community resources focused on solving problems that face the elderly and persons with disabilities.

Use the needs assessment (1.1 and 1.2) to identify and recruit additional partners.

Increase partner and other community agencies’ capacity to deliver quality programs that accomplish AAAPP’s purpose.