Grandparent Caregiver Program

OAA IIIEG National Caregiver Support Program (NFCSP)

Are you a 55+ grandparent, aunt or uncle, cousin, adult sister or brother raising a relative’s child?

The challenges faced by kin caregivers may include:

  • raising children on a fixed incomeshutterstock_12530371
  • finding and/or maintaining housing
  • experiencing health problems that make caring for children more difficult
  • accepting the responsibility of raising children, who in many cases may have behavioral and emotional problems due to various factors, such as, an
  • unstable home or parental drug use to name a few.
  • Learn more facts about grandparents raising grandchildren through AARP.

The NFCSP program includes services for kinship caregivers aged 55 or over to assist them with being more effective caregivers for children under 18, or 19 and older with a documented disability.

Legal Services: In order to assist these unique families, the AAAPP has contracted with Bay Area Legal Services and Gulfcoast Legal Services to implement Legal services. This legal assistance will involve providing both legal advice and representation to the client by staff attorneys, paralegals, and volunteer attorneys. The legal assistance provided will also focus on the issues concerning the caregiver obtaining and maintaining sufficient and proper legal status over the minor in their care. Examples of possible legal relief to be obtains may involve use of powers of attorney, custody orders under the Florida temporary custody by extended family statue, or guardianship.

Find out more through Bay Area Legal Services serving Pasco County: BALS
Find out more through Gulfcoast Legal Services serving Pinellas County: GLS

For additional resources in Pinellas and Pasco County, visit the website for The Children’s Home.  Their Kinship Services Network is intended to provide support to relative caregivers by helping families connect to necessary services, expanding family support systems and reducing stress to promote family stability. Some of the services provided are in-home supportive services, respite care, tutoring, mentoring, support groups and family fun activities. Click here to find out about their current support groups: Support Groups

For additional resources nationwide, visit the website for Generations United.