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We all age. And as we age, our needs change. The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco – Pinellas is here to support those needs. Click on any of the topics below for more information and available resources. Through each of these pages, we hope to provide a wide array of resources, from government-funded options to private pay services. We cannot guarantee each service or resource will always be available due to funding limitations and high demand. Still can’t find what you need? Reach out to the Helpline!


Home Choices And Safety

Gene noticed he was feeling less stable after an injury. See how Gene found community resources to help him regain his balance and feel more secure and healthy.


Food And Nutrition

Angela needed help finding healthy, affordable meal options. Learn how the Agency helped her ensure she knew where her next meal was coming from.



Henry just made the difficult decision to give up his keys. He knows it was the right thing to do, but he’s worried about having to rely on loved ones for rides from here on out, especially given the fact that his car had been specifically designed to accommodate his wheelchair. The AAAPP was able to connect Henry to some free and low cost local resources, helping to ease Henry’s transition into no longer driving.


Get the Most out of Your Medicare Benefits

As Reggie neared 65, he wasn’t sure how to navigate the process of signing up for Medicare. Luckily, the Agency had volunteers ready to help!


Opportunities to Connect with your Community

After retiring, Betty realized she was missing opportunities to feel engaged in her community and fulfilled in her day to day life. The Agency was able to point her to a few different options for connecting in her community. See what Betty was able to find below.


Staying Healthy And Active

Jeanette was looking for ways to manage her Diabetes. Enter the Area Agency on Aging! We were able to connect her with exercise and educational classes that helped her to manage all aspects of her condition. Not only was she able to better manage her condition from what she learned, she had the opportunity to connect with others going through the same thing she was, which helped to manage her stress as well.


Preventing Abuse And Fraud

Fred received an email from a loved one urgently asking for some money to help them get out of a scary situation. Of course, Fred was quick to jump to help. But unfortunately the sender wasn’t who they said they were. Luckily, Fred connected with Victim Advocates at the AAAPP and was able to navigate the judicial process to make the situation right.


Staying Healthy Mentally And Emotionally

Marco has learned how to live a full life with his disability physically, but he still has days where he feels “down in the dumps” and struggles to adjust mentally. He knows this has an effect on his spouse, as well. When Marco called the Agency, we were able to point him and his family members to a variety of services that helped to get his mental state to match up to how he was feeling physically.


Personal Care And In-home Help

Marcy found as she was getting older that she couldn’t always do the day to day things she needed to stay safe and healthy on her own. She really needed someone to help her with things like cooking, cleaning, and even taking a bath. See what Marcy found through the helpline.


Preparing for Disasters

Kenneth knew living in Florida he was likely to experience a hurricane sometime in the near future. The Area Agency on Aging was able to offer him everything he needed to make a game plan before the storm hit.


Dementia Diagnosis And What’s Next

Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s affected not only Ana but her whole network of family and friends. Thankfully, Ana found supports for herself and her family through the AAAPP.

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