For Individuals with Disabilities

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The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco – Pinellas is proud to provide services and resources to individuals with a wide range of abilities. Scroll below for:


Learn about Statewide Programs for Individuals with Disabilities

Rhonda had to stop working after her car accident left her permanently disabled. Without steady income, she knew she needed to find support. Learn what the Area Agency on Aging was able to connect her to.


Staying Healthy Mentally And Emotionally

Marco has learned how to live a full life with his disability physically, but he still has days where he feels “down in the dumps” and struggles to adjust mentally. He knows this has an effect on his spouse, as well. When Marco called the Agency, we were able to point him and his family members to a variety of services that helped to get his mental state to match up to how he was feeling physically.


Community Inclusion & Support

We strive to ensure our community is inclusive of individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Check out some great local resources that help us to make this possible.

Are you a caregiver of an individual with disabilities who is looking for support through your caregiving journey?

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