Contact the Helpline

Are you looking for resources or information to support yourself and your loved ones as you age? The helpline is the place to start! We have dedicated team members whose sole focus is to be available to listen and support callers in helping them to navigate the services and resources available.

Email the Helpline

If you prefer to email the Helpline, please do so below. Make sure you fill out every field. By doing so, the Helpline team will be able to respond to you more efficiently.

If you have trouble accessing the full form below due to screen size or layout, you may also access the full form at

Call the Help Line

Calls from outside the local area: 727-217-8111

The Helpline is open 8am – 5pm Monday through Friday. We have staff on hand to answer calls in both English and Spanish, and can schedule translation services for over 250 languages.

If you call the Helpline during open hours and are prompted to leave a voicemail, please be sure to do so! Our team members check the voicemail inbox and respond as promptly as they are able.

Access the Statewide Helpline Database

If you would like to access the statewide online database of Aging And Disability Resource Centers resources, you can find the link below.

PLEASE NOTE: This database includes resources from across the state of Florida. Please begin your search by filtering for your zip code, as this will ensure that you are not directed to  resources outside of your service area. Beyond using your zip code as a filter, the broader you make your search, the more likely you will be to pull up all relevant results. If you have difficulty finding applicable resources, you can always call the Helpline at +1-800-963-5337 to assist you in finding the resources that are right for you and your loved ones.

You can access the statewide database here.

Get listed in the Helpline Database

The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) is a federally funded program at the Area Agency on Aging that provides information and referral/assistance services to seniors, adults with disabilities, and caregivers. The goal of the ADRC is to help these consumers remain independent and understand/navigate the complex web of services available to them.

Those who call the ADRC Helpline (formerly the Senior Helpline) are referred to government-funded programs, not-for-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses that are listed in the statewide computer database used by the 11 Helplines in Florida. The Helpline consistently receives over 20,000 calls/contacts per year. Out-of-state family and friends also use the Area Agency’s website to locate resources and to email the Helpline about community resources.

Applying: Agencies and businesses that are interested in becoming part of the database must:

  • Comply with the eligibility requirements listed in the attached inclusion/exclusion criteria required for all organizations listed in the statewide database.
  • Complete an application form , including:
    •  A site page for each location.
    • A service narrative that describes your agency or business, the services that your agency or business is willing to provide as a stand-alone or primary service, and any qualifications or amenities that should be considered in choosing your service.
    • A signature on the acknowledgement statement at the end of the application.
  • Provide copies of all documents, including licenses that are requested on the application.

Return the application and required documents following the directions listed on the application.

For more information, call 727-570-9696 x 254