Unemployment Rate Among Older Workers

“The AARP has published a Fact Sheet about the unemployment rate among older workers (age 55 and older). The unemployment rate for the workforce aged 55 and older, which had risen to 5.1 percent in December, fell to 4.5 percent in January, a rate well below what it had been 1 year earlier, when 5.9 percent of older Americans were out of work and looking for a job.

The proportion of older people with jobs in January (38.0 percent) was little changed from December (37.9 percent) and below what it was a year earlier (38.3 percent). An estimated 1.5 million people aged 55 and older were unemployed in January, approximately 200,000 fewer than in December and almost 460,000 fewer than the previous January.”


Sara E. Rix
AARP Public Policy Institute
February 2014