Talking Books Library

Experience the Difference Talking Book Library Service Makes
If you have difficulty using or reading conventional print material, let the Pinellas Talking Book Library (TBL) bring the joy of reading back into your life. With a collection of over 60,000 books in a specialized cassette format or in Braille, the Pinellas Talking Book Library impacts the lives of almost 3,000 people each day in Pinellas County with their offering of services to those with visual or physical disabilities.

Talking Book patrons may be blind, visually impaired, paralyzed, unable to hold a book, or have an organically caused reading disability. All reading materials and playback equipment are loaned to readers free of charge. An additional benefit of a Talking Book Library is materials can be sent to the homes of patrons free through the U.S. postal service. To complete an application, and begin this wonderful opportunity, please contact the library at (727) 441-9958. All applications will need to be certified by a verifying authority. The Library offers a wide variety of resources to those eligible for service.

Once a patron receives their special cassette player, they are able to begin enjoying the benefits of the library?s collection. Talking Books are one of the items available and these are unabridged Library of Congress recordings of books on cassette or Braille. The book collection includes all traditional public library genres including bestsellers, classics, biographies, mysteries, romances, westerns, poetry, history, and popular How-To texts. Another item available for library patrons is print/braille books. These items have text and braille on pages that face each other. These unique books enable blind and sighted readers to share the experience of reading a book together. Descriptive videos are also provided to TBL patrons. These movies, which are adapted for the visually impaired, have a soundtrack that includes narration that describes visual elements such as action, setting, costuming, and gestures without interfering with actual dialog or sound effects. In addition to this array of materials, the Library boasts a collection of BiFolkal Kits which are all-in-one programs that include slide presentations, large print booklets, activities, scents, things to touch and a program manual designed to bring back memories of a particular time or topic. Other special resources include a large print book collection, games, and sports equipment such as brailled playing cards and a handle bowling ball.

To take advantage of these services in Pinellas County, or to inquire further about the Pinellas Talking Book Library located in Clearwater, please contact the library at (727) 441-9958. (Library location: 1330 Cleveland St, FL 33755). If you are a resident in Pasco County, you receive direct service from the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Service in Daytona Beach. For more information on their services, please call toll free 1-(800)-226 6075.