The roles and responsibilities of the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas are very broad and require a wide range of specialized activities to be performed by staff. The agency is divided into departments which provide functional activities carried out by the staff of the agency in support of its overall goals and objectives. The agency’s main phone number is (727) 570-9696. Callers initially reach a voice mail system prompting them to key in a three-digit extension (Ext.) for staff.


Under the direction of the AAAPP Board of Directors, formulates and directs the enforcement of all policies, procedures, rules, regulations and guidelines issued by the agency pursuant to its authority through federal and state statutes and mandates; oversees the Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC); manages the human resources of the agency; ensures statutory and regulatory compliance; and maintains communications and relationships with other Area Agencies on Aging and representatives of local, state and national groups involved in aging.

Ann Marie Winter – Executive Director, Ext. 266
Wendy Arroyo – Human Resources Administrator, Ext. 213
Virginia Joseph Cruz – Executive Assistant, Ext. 233
Bonnie Hough – Director of Outreach, Ext. 210
Katherine Thomley – Receptionist/Office Assistant, Ext. 200
Sylvia Hill, Receptionist/Office Assistant, Ext. 200

Department of Programs &  Accountability

Responsible for establishing procedures governing state and federal service provision, training and coordination activities of service providers; monitor state and federal programs according to applicable program guidelines; provide technical assistance to contractors; develop bid specifications; review and critique proposal for funding.   Also responsible for the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) Program.

Tawnya Martino – Director of Program Accountability, Ext. 246
Peggy Herlache – Program Coordinator, Ext. 243
Elizabeth Heyne – Program Manager, Ext. 271
Chris Eger – Service Analyst, Ext. 216
Corinna Powers – Service Analyst/Intake Specialist, Ext. 258
Christina Simonetti – Victim Advocate Program Manager, Ext. 259
Sierra Pennington – Victim Advocate, Ext. 263
Michelle Arias – Victim Advocate, Ext. 261

Department of Planning & Healthcare Initiatives

Responsible for developing and administering a multi-year Area Plan which sets forth the activities of the Area Agency on Aging; develop, submit and implement new and innovative projects to address needs of seniors; assess community resources and gaps in service through needs assessment and other research; maintain demographic data; conduct public hearings; oversee health and wellness program; and advocate for seniors through representation on community councils and advisory groups.   Manage the National Family Caregiver Support Program and the SHINE Program.

Jason Martino – Director of Planning Ext. 272
Jody Ferguson Hensler – Caregiver Specialist Coordinator, Ext. 221
Nicole Day – Caregiver Specialist, Ext. 251
Sue Samson – SHINE Program Manager, Ext. 234
Geralyn Fortney – SHINE  Program Assistant, Ext. 214

Department of Aging & Disability Access

As the entry point for the Aging and Disability Resource Center, this unit includes the The Helpline, a federally funded Information and Assistance/Referral service; and Intake, which provides triage, screening, prioritization and option counseling for seniors and disabled adults in need of services from government funded programs. Also responsible for the operations of the Statewide Medicaid Managed Care Long Term Care Program (SMMCLTCP).

Beverly Hamner Burton – ADRC Director, Ext. 253

Tracy Barrows – Information & Assistance Coordinator, Ext. 254
Jaime Horning – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 279
Cynthia Rennick – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 220
Arlene Sanchez – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 299
Douangchai (Dawn) Sarivong – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 255
Lisa Burgos – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 275

Sara Evans – Intake Specialist Coordinator, Ext. 241
Jennifer Burke – Intake Specialist, Ext. 256
Nancy Merica-Keil – Intake Specialist, Ext. 237
Kandice White – Intake Specialist, Ext. 275
Chrysti Reichert – Lead Medicaid Waiver Specialist, Ext. 295
Margaret Downey – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 227
Leah Carr – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 285
Nancy Napolitano – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 219
VACANT – Medicaid Benefits Counselor Coordinator, Ext.
Camy Hayes – Medicaid Waiver Specialist/Med. Benefits Counselor, Ext. 257
Debbie Maulorico – Medicaid Waiver/Quality Assurance Specialist, Ext. 286

Dale Eccellente – Medicaid Scheduling Specialist, Ext. 298


To call the Helpline dial 1-800-963-5337. Calling from outside the area: 727-217-8111.

Department of Finance & IT

Responsible for payroll, accounts payable; financial reports; fiscal planning, budgeting and control of AAAPP financial affairs; preparation of contracts and contract amendments; performance of fiscal monitoring of all providers; oversight of the implementation and operation of all computer hardware and software for the AAAPP and grantee agencies; and coordination of data entry activities between AAAPP, grantee agencies and Department of Elder Affairs. Responsible for the operations of the Veterans Directed Home and Community Based Services Program (VD HCBS).

Katherine Guy Carleton – Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 218
Hubert Ayers – Fiscal Services Coordinator, Ext. 284
Susan Collacchioni – Contract Compliance Specialist, Ext. 281
Dijana Radak – VA Program Coordinator, Ext. 260
Laura Holder Hurley – AP/Payroll Specialist, Ext. 250
Jeffrey Mejeras – LAN Administrator, Ext. 224
Linda Todd – Data/IT Support Assistant, Ext. 226