Search the Online Database of
Resources for the State of Florida

Instructions –

The 11 Elder Helplines in the state of Florida share one online database of community resources available throughout Florida for seniors and their caregivers. The database is designed to improve access to publicly funded, long-term care services, to pubic assistance programs such as Medicaid and Food Stamps, and to other community resources, including private, for-profit businesses.

The following instructions will help you navigate the site. After reading the instructions, to search, click the link below.

1. Enter the city or zip code of the area where services are needed. This is optional, but is is important because it will limit results to resources that serve your area. If you do not enter the zip code or city, it will provide ALL of the resources in the state of Florida for the category of services you selected, and they will be listed alphabetically by city.

2. Enter the age and gender of person in need of service (optional) to insure a better match of services.

3. There are 3 ways to look for a service.

You can select an option under Browse the category of services. It will then ask you to choose from sub-categories. Word of caution:the list is terms used throughout the state and may not be a term used in the area where you are seeking services and may not return any results.


You can search for services using a keyword or phrase in the section on lower left called More Searches. You can expand the results if you search by a partial word. For example, “hous” will find resources for the search terms household as well as housing. It will provide you a list of search terms from which you may choose.


You can search by the name of the agency or business if you have that information already.

4. If you do not find resources that fit your need or if you need additional assistance, please call the Helpline at 1-800-96-ELDER. If you are calling from outside Pinellas or Pasco, dial 727-217-8111.

To search the online database of community resources, click here.