Volunteer Month

April is National Volunteer Appreciation Month!

There is no better place on Earth to celebrate the importance of volunteering than right here in Florida. We have, after all, a higher percentage of seniors than perhaps any other place. And, typically, anywhere you find a group of seniors, you will also find volunteers in action, whether it be ordinary citizens stepping up to assist elders or elders themselves helping out in their communities.

Numerous studies have found a direct connection between volunteering and healthy aging:

  • Fewer physical limitations
  • Lower risk of depression
  • Less decline in health due to aging
  • Increases in physical activity
  • More engagement in the community
  • An increase in their number of friends
  • Feeling their life is improving

A signed proclamation from Governor Rick Scott declaring April Volunteer Month in Florida: Volunteer Month in Florida (PDF)

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at (727) 570-9696