Making Medical Decisions for Someone Else: A How-To Guide

The American Bar Association, Commission on Law and Aging has published a how-to book to help those who must make medical decisions for another person. It is available as a pdf file here.

Topics include:

  • What Is It Like to Be a Health Care Proxy?
  • What Should You Do While There Is Still Time?
  • Understanding the Patient?s Wishes and Values
  • Steps to Follow in Making Medical Decisions
  • Working Within the Health Care System (What Can You Do?,Talking with Doctors, Using Advance Directives and Related Documents)
  • Resolving Disputes and Getting Help
  • Situations Often Faced by Proxies (Experiencing Grief, Making Sure Pain and Symptoms Are Well Managed, What About Hospice?, What to Do in an Emergency, What About DNR Orders?, What About Surgery?, What About Artificial Nutrition and Hydration?, What About Medical Research?)