Living Healthy in Florida


Living Healthy in Florida is a multi-agency campaign to promote healthy lifestyles in the state to provide a common conversation around health and wellness.

Goals of the Campaign:

  • Provide materials to a broad audience through the area agencies’ many channels
  • Have the materials utilized by the customers of the agencies
  • Have the materials utilized through the agencies’ own campaigns

Campaign’s Messages:

  • Enjoy Florida’s abundance of fresh produce to eat healthier
  • Live at your healthiest weight
  • Utilize Florida’s natural resources to increase your wellness through exercise and relaxation
  • Talk to your family, children, and friends about what it means to live healthy

toolkit has been developed with common health and wellness messages. At the center of the kit is a harvesting calendar showcasing Florida fruits and vegetables to help families eat healthy and save money by capitalizing on Florida’s produce seasons. The toolkit also contains information that can easily be shared on websites, newsletters, social media and in many other formats.

  • Reducing your grocery shopping bill with budget-friendly recipes and preparation tips
  • Sharing healthy living tips with constituents, customers or students
  • Finding reliable information to use in newsletters or on social media sites
  • Learning about food from Florida for school assignments