Our Team

The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco – Pinellas is made up of a wonderful team of highly dedicated staff and volunteers.

Our Team

You can reach any of our team members by calling 727-570-9696. You can find specific staff extensions below.

Wendy Arroyo – Human Resources Administrator, Ext. 213
Virginia Cruz – Administrative Secretary, Ext. 233
Sylvia Hill – Receptionist/Office Assistant, Ext. 200
Ann Marie Winter – Executive Director, Ext. 266

Responsible for establishing procedures governing state and federal service provision, training and coordination activities of service providers; monitor state and federal programs according to applicable program guidelines; provide technical assistance to contractors; develop bid specifications; review and critique proposal for funding.

Chris Eger – Service Analyst, Ext. 216
Peggy Herlache – Director of Program Accountability, Ext. 243
Elizabeth Heyne – Program Manager, Ext. 271
M. Nicole Pilot – Program Assistant
Corinna Powers – Program Manager, Ext. 258
Kandance White – Service Analyst/Intake Specialist, Ext. 228

Responsible for developing and administering a multi-year Area Plan which sets forth the activities of the Area Agency on Aging; develop, submit and implement new and innovative projects to address needs of seniors; assess community resources and gaps in service through needs assessment and other research; maintain demographic data; conduct public hearings; oversee health and wellness program; and advocate for seniors through representation on community councils and advisory groups.   Manage the National Family Caregiver Support Program and the SHINE Program.

Nicole Day – Caregiver Specialist, Ext. 251
Geralyn Fortney – SHINE  Program Assistant, Ext. 273
Jody Ferguson Hensler – Caregiver Specialist Coordinator, Ext. 221
Jason Martino – Director of Planning Ext. 272
Nora Portanenko – SHINE Program Assistant,  Ext. 235
Sue Samson – SHINE Program Manager, Ext. 234

Tracy Barrows – ADRC Helpline Manager, Ext. 254
Lisa Burgos – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 275
Jennifer Burke – Intake Specialist, Ext. 256
Leah Carr – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 285
Dale Eccellente – Medicaid Scheduling Specialist, Ext. 298
Sara Evans – Intake Specialist Coordinator, Ext. 241
Jasmine Fabre – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 227
Don Hill – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 242
Camy Hayes – Medicaid Waiver Specialist/Med. Benefits Counselor, Ext. 257
Rita Johnson – Intake Specialist, Ext. 262
Tawnya Martino -ADRC Director, Ext. 246
Debbie Maulorico – Medicaid Waiver/Quality Assurance Specialist, Ext. 286
Paige McDaniel – Intake Specialist, Ext. 237
Nancy Merica-Keil – Community Health Coordinator, Ext. 287
Nancy Napolitano – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 219
Chrysti Reichert – Lead Medicaid Waiver Specialist, Ext. 295
Cynthia Rennick – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 220
Vivica Robertson – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 279
Ana Rodriguez – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 253
Arlene Sanchez – Medicaid Benefits Counselor, Ext. 299
Douangchai (Dawn) Sarivong – Information & Assistance Specialist, Ext. 255

To call the Helpline dial 1-800-963-5337. If you are calling from outside the area, please dial: 727-217-8111.

Hubert Ayers – Fiscal Services Coordinator, Ext. 284
Eric Brooks – Data/IT Support Assistant, Ext. 226
Katherine Guy Carleton – Chief Financial Officer, Ext. 218
Susan Collacchioni – Contract Compliance Specialist, Ext. 281
Laura Holder Hurley – AP/Payroll Specialist, Ext. 250
Dijana Radak – VA Program Coordinator, Ext. 260
Jeff Mejeras – LAN Administrator, Ext. 224

Michelle Arias – Victim Advocate, Ext. 461
Sierra Pennington – Victim Advocate, Ext. 263
Christina Simonetti – Victim Advocate Program Manager, Ext. 259
Bonnie Hough – Director of Outreach, Ext. 210

Volunteer With Us

The Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas could not reach its goals without the help of its dedicated volunteers and interns. We appreciate all that you do! Thank you!