Florida’s Disabled Parking Program

How Do I Enroll?

In 1990, the Florida Legislature enacted changes that allow individuals with long-term or permanent disabilities and persons or organizations who drive for disabled persons to apply for a 4 year parking permit placard. In 2002, the law was amended to lower the price for the four-year permit and to no longer allow eligibility based on inability to “walk 200 feet.” Individuals with temporary mobility problems or vision impairments may apply for a permit not to exceed six months with beginning and ending dates specified by the certifying authority.

With either of these permits, an individual may legally park in a space designated for disabled parking. The permit is transferable to any vehicle transporting the disabled person.

You are eligible if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • certified as legally blind (Note: “unable to walk 200 feet” is no longer a qualifying disability unless it is due to one of the conditions listed below)
  • unable to walk without the use of, or assistance from, a brace, cane, crutch, prosthetic device, or other assistive device, or without assistance of another person. The person will not be eligible if the assistive device restores the person’s ability to walk without severe limitation.
  • meets specific requirements for restrictions by lung disease as measured by spirometry.
  • uses portable oxygen.
  • restricted by cardiac condition to the extent that functional limitations are classified as Class III or Class IV by standards set by the American Heart Association.
  • has severe limitations in the ability to walk due to arthritic, neurological or orthopedic conditions.

How do I apply for a Handicap Placard?

The form HSMV 83039 must be certified by an authorized practitioner or agency: licensed physician, osteopathic physician, podiatrist or chiropractor, optometrist, Division of Blind Services, Florida Department of Education or the Adjudication Office of the Veteran’s Administration. Upon approval of the application for a permanent permit, a plastic placard displaying the logo will be issued. This is to be hung from the interior rear view mirror when parked in a space designated for disabled persons. Placards are issued to individuals who meet the standards, NOT to the vehicle.

Persons who qualify for the four-year disabled parking permit may choose instead to purchase a license plate with the international wheelchair user symbol. Disabled veterans may purchase a ADV license plate in lieu of the parking placard.

Find Form HSMV 83039 in printable PDF format on the Florida Department of Safety and Motor Vehicles. Another way to access this site is by using the My Florida (state)This web site also lists local driver license offices and tax collection offices by county.

If you prefer, application forms for the permit may be obtained from any local license plate (tag) agency (not driver license office unless it offers tax collection and tag services in the same location) or county tax collector office. In Pinellas or Pasco County, Florida, you can obtain a list of locations with directions by calling the Helpline at 727-217-8111.

What is the fee for the Handicap Placard?

The fee for the 4 year permit has been reduced from $15.00 to $1.50. A person may obtain another “frequent traveler” permit for $1.50. No more than two permits are issued. The temporary permit fee is still $15.00.

What is the fine for parking in a handicap space without a valid placard or wheelchair user or disabled veteran license plate?

You may be subject for fines up to $250.00.

What about travel outside Florida or use of disabled parking spaces in Florida by persons from other states?

All states have agreed to reciprocate. Disabled parking permits and plates are good anywhere in the United States.