Florida Relay – Telephone Communication Assistance

The Helpline uses the Florida Relay Service. By dialing 711 individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired can can contact the Senior Helpline and receive information and assistance.

“Florida Relay is the communications link for people who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind, or Speech Impaired. Through the Florida Relay, people who use specialized telephone equipment can communicate with people who use standard telephone equipment.

To call Florida Relay, dial 7-1-1, or use the toll free numbers:

Florida Relay is a service of the Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc.

“Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) is a statewide not-for-profit organization that administers the Specialized Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Program for citizens of Florida who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf/Blind and Speech Impaired.

The Florida Legislature passed the Telecommunications Access System Act (TASA) in 1991. The intent of TASA (F.S. 427) is to provide access terminals required for basic telecommunications services for hearing impaired, speech impaired and dual sensory impaired persons, in the most cost effective way.

In response to TASA, the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) directed local exchange telephone companies to form a not-for-profit corporation to fulfill the TASA requirements. FTRI registered with the Florida Department of State as a not-for-profit corporation, effective June 13, 1991, and is a 501(c) (3) corporation.

TASA mandates that the FTRI equipment distribution program and the Florida Relay be funded by a monthly surcharge billed to all telephone customers in Florida.

The specialized telephone equipment and ring signaling devices provided through this program is loaned to all qualified permanent residents of Florida for as long as they need it, at no charge. ”

For more information see the FTRI web site, www.ftri.org.