February 8, 2016

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Memo (pdf)


Agenda (pdf)

Item 3 – Public Meeting Notice

Public Notice (pdf)

Item 5 – Approval of Minutes

Previous Board Meeting Minutes (pdf)

Item 7 – Guest Speaker

Florida Caregivers Network (pdf)

Item 10 – Area Agency on Aging Financial Status

Financial Statement (pdf)

Item 11 – Fiscal Monitoring Report

A. Pasco County Clerk Office (pdf)

Item 13 – Surplus/Deficit Report

Surplus-Deficit Report (pdf)

Item 14 – Contract Review Process

Timetable (pdf)

Item 15 – DOEA Monitoring

A. Monitoring Report (pdf)

B. Response to Monitoring Report (pdf)

Item 17 – Advisory Council Minutes

Advisory Council Minutes (pdf)


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