Caregiver Web Sites

Many web sites offer information and support for family caregivers. Web sites are listed below in alphabetical order under the categories of National, Florida, and Local Pinellas and Pasco County.

We have listed each site by organization or web site name. This is followed by the web address with a link to the site and a short review of what the site offers. Please note that a change of one or more letters, using a different ending (.com or .org), or the addition of a hyphen may take you to a different site. Besides using this list, you may want to try a general search using the word “caregiver,” the name of a disease, or a topic of your choice on any major search engine such as

Web site navigation varies, and some sites offer instructions. Some sites are available in several languages, and some offer big print or a choice of print sizes. Some require that you click on health, family issues, caregiver, consumers or a lead article on the home page to go to the caregiver section. Other sites open directly onto a caregiver page. Some do not have a section called caregiver, but the consumer and health information they offer may be needed by caregivers. You can scroll through some sites, but others ask you to click on “next” or “2, 3, 4”, etc. to continue. Some web sites describe and some actually sell or link to sites that sell books, videos, assistive devices, adaptive clothing, gifts for caregivers, and more.

The following domain name extensions may provide clues as to the type of site you are visiting:

  • .org (non-profit and voluntary organizations)
  • .com (commercial businesses)
  • .gov (federal government)
  • .edu (educational institutions)
  • .net (network organizations)
  • .mil (military organizations)

While extensions usually indicate the type of site visited, some non-profit and government sites can be reached at “.com” addresses. Both commercial and non-commercial sites offer free information, even if membership or registration with or without a fee is suggested.