AAAPP Board of Directors

The agency is governed by an 19-member all-volunteer Board of Directors who are representatives from either Pasco or Pinellas counties. Board members are elected for three year terms and serve as volunteers. They do not receive a salary or other financial payment. Board members may not be a member of a governing board, advisory committee or council, or staff, of a service provider under contract with the Area Agency on Aging, nor a family member thereof. No board member shall have any employment or contractual relationships with any person or entity which is subject to regulations of and/or receives funds through the Area Agency on Aging, except county commissioners or other elected officials.

Board meetings are usually held the third Monday morning of each month; exceptions are in January and February due to holidays falling on the third Monday; generally no meetings are held in July or December. Board meetings are usually held at the office in St. Petersburg and are open to the public. Twice a year, meetings are held in Pasco County.  For status of the next meeting, please contact Brenda Black at (727) 570-9696, ext. 233.

If you are interested in submitting an application to be considered for the Board of Directors, please review the Summary of Board Requirements and complete the Board Member Application.  It can be emailed to the AAAPP Executive Director, Ann Marie Winter (  or mail application to:

9549 Koger Blvd., Ste 100
St. Petersburg, FL 33702

For a schedule of meeting dates, click here.


Board of Directors


C. Christopher Comstock, President
Mayor Camille Hernandez, Vice- President
Harriet Crozier, Secretary
Linda Lee, Treasurer
Virginia Rowell , Immediate Past President

Board Members

Anne Corona
Robert F. Hatfield
Julie Hale
Judge George Jirotka
Commissioner Charlie Justice
Martha Lenderman
Paul McClintock
Sallie Parks
Fire Commissioner Julie Peluso
Charles F. Robinson, Esq.
Barbara Sheen Todd
Elithia V. Stanfield
Commissioner Mike Wells

There is currently a vacant seat for a Pinellas County Director.