July 10th Meeting

Cover Memo and Directions (pdf)

Agenda (pdf)

Agenda Item #2  Consent Agenda

A. April 17, 2017 Board of Directors Minutes (pdf)
B. May 15, 2017 Board of Directors Minutes (pdf)
C. May 8, 2017 Advisory Council Minutes (pdf)

Agenda Item #3  Items from Consent Agenda

Agenda Item #4  Nominating Committee Report

A. Committee Report
B. Sharon Lena’s application
C. Beth Aker’s application
D. Full Advisory Council List

Agenda Item # 5  Guest Speaker–Natalie Lemke, Sea Breeze Adult Day Center

Agenda Item #6   Disaster Preparedness

Agenda Item #7  Location of Council Meetings in 2018

Dates of Meetings in 2018

Agenda Item #8  Announcements