AAAPP Advisory Council

The purpose of the Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc. Advisory Council is to allow maximum involvement and coordination between interested citizens of the area, agencies providing services to seniors, and the Area Agency on Aging. The all-volunteer Council provides an opportunity for older persons and persons knowledgeable about the needs of the aging to work with the planning staff on the future directions of the programs for the aging in the planning and service area.

The Advisory Council is comprised of a maximum of 18 members who are representatives from Pasco and Pinellas Counties who will help to enhance the leadership role of the Area Agency in developing community-based systems of services. The membership is made up of more than 50% older persons and includes minority individuals; participants or persons eligible to participate in Older Americans Act programs or other programs administered by the Area Agency on Aging; local elected officials; representatives of older persons; general public and providers of veterans health care.  For further details, please review the bylaws.

Members of the Advisory Council are recommended by a nominating committee of the Advisory Council with input from other council members and Area Agency on Aging staff. Terms of membership are for a two-year period. The regular meetings of the Advisory Council are held every other month (six times a year) at the AAA main office and other locations convenient for Advisory members. Meetings are the second Monday afternoon of every other month.

For further information about membership or meeting status contact Helen King at 570-9696, ext. 210 or  If you are interested in submitting an application to be considered as a member of the advisory council, please complete the form here  and email to Helen King or mail application to:

Helen King, AAAPP
9549 Koger Blvd., Ste 100
St. Petersburg, FL  33702

2017 Meeting Schedule

(all meetings are 1:30 pm-3:00 pm)

  • January 9th–at AAAPP
  • March 13th–at Aging Well Center in Clearwater*
  • May 8th–at AAAPP
  • July 10th–at Aging Well Center in Clearwater*
  • September 11th–at AAAPP
  • November 13th–at Aging Well Center in Clearwater*

*Aging Well Center at the Long Center–1501 N. Belcher Rd, Clearwater, FL

Council Members

Pinellas County

Paul McClintock, Chair with Lenny Waugh and Mike Estigo

Kerry Kimball Marsalek
Betty Beeler
Miriam Benitez-Nixon
Sue Castonguay
Louise Dolsay
Michael Estigo
Commissioner Samantha Fenger
Nancy Giles
Carole McLeod
Jodi Vosburgh
Lenny Waugh
Lena Wilfalk

Pasco County

Susannah Caum, Betty Beeler, & Barb Epstein

Susannah Caum
Barbara Epstein, Esq.
Paul McClintock, Chair
Cristina Spiegel
Rebecca Yackel

Cristina Speigel & Miriam Benitez-Nixon

Louise Dolsay

Louise Dolsay

Nancy Giles, Jodi Vosburgh, and Sue Castonguay