AAAPP Strategic Plan 2018 to 2021

Board Goal #1: Address Unmet Needs & AAAPP’s Waitlist
Create a proactive comprehensive community-wide plan to address the current and future needs of seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers.

STRATEGY 1: Conduct a professional community wide needs assessment survey.

STRATEGY 2: AAAPP convenes and serves as lead agency to build a community wide coalition to address priority needs; bringing people, agencies and businesses together to establish common goals and commit resources to improve outcomes for seniors/persons with disabilities.

STRATEGY 3: Increase the use of volunteers and interns to meet unmet needs.

STRATEGY 4: Reduce the number of persons on the waitlist.

Board Goal #2: Increase Funding
Ensure that AAAPP can meet growing community needs and achieve its purpose by obtaining increased, diversified, sustainable, unrestricted funding for priority goals.

STRATEGY 1: Increase funding from foundations.

STRATEGY 2: Increase funding from for-profit entities.

STRATEGY 3: Explore what it will take to establish AAAPP as a taxing authority.

STRATEGY 4: Improve planned gift solicitation efforts.

Board Goal #3: Expand Awareness and Advocacy Efforts.
Increase awareness/understanding re: aging issues tageted to populations who can either: 1) use services or 2) enhance/expand the services available in our community.

STRATEGY 1: Create a standing Board Committee to oversee and implement awareness and advocacy initiatives.

STRATEGY 2: Develop simple standardized messages and training to ensure compelling and consistent messaging.

STRATEGY 3: Establish & nurture relationships with Legislators so that they understand needs, issues and support solutions.

STRATEGY 4: Identify target audiences that have access to our client population and select the appropriate distribution channels for each segment of our target population.

Board Goal #4: Expand, Diversify and Stabilize Community Partnerships.
Enhance/expand the resources available in our community to address the issues of seniors, persons with disabilities and caregivers.

STRATEGY 1: Explore expanding services to seniors through Medicaid Managed Care Long Termp Program (MCO).

STRATEGY 2: Expand participation in Evidence Based Prevention Programs/Service Delivery Model to help increase community resources focused on solving problems that face the elderly and persons with disabilities.

STRATEGY 3: Identify/expand partnerships to include nontraditional partners that can help increase community resources focused on solving problems that facethe elderly and persons with disabilities.

STRATEGY 4: Use the needs assessment (1.1 and 1.2) to identify and recruit additional partners.

STRATEGY 5: Increase partner and other community agencies’ capacity to deliver quality programs that accomplish AAAPP’s purpose.